Friday, 8 January 2016



If the eastern world has the Lotus then the western world has the Rose! A deeply symbolic flower the rose holds vast connotations and usages, due to the bold red colour of its petals the rose has been heavily identified with the blood of Christ and Christian iconography. The rose has also been adopted by alchemy, freemasonry, heraldry and festivals once prevalent in Ancient Rome and Greece. Today roses are more frequently associated with the symbolism of love and that which is beautiful!

Rose tattoos are a fairly common choice of tattoo but varies greatly in how it appears. People can choose to have a full rose, a single stem and thorns or even a single petal, but whatever they choose as long as it is done right they end up with a beautiful tattoo! Like its traditional symbolism roses in tattooing represent, more than anything, love and beauty, though they can also be used in memorial to a loved one who has past. Now, while a bold and colourful rose is an awesome tattoo there is an equally striking beauty in black and grey rose tattoos. It is as if a delicate black and grey rose tattoo has a timeless beauty, they’re slightly more subtle than a bold colourful tattoo, yet equally as striking. Check out these beautiful black and grey rose tattoos and see for yourself!!

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