Monday, 13 March 2017

80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos For Men

80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos For Men

So bros, it’s that time again. Time to check out some of our favorite tattoos that, in all likelihood, you’re going to want. Bad.

While exciting and thought-provoking, the process of getting a new tattoo comes with one important caveat. You’re going to have to be decisive. Meaning that a better design or idea is always going to present itself no matter what you do so being able to make a decision and stick to it might be the difference between you having or not having a new tattoo.

So, what’s a guy gotta do to pull off the most epic tattoo in human history? Well, if we knew the answer to that we wouldn’t have our ex girlfriends name tattooed on our ankle. But if you really want to give it a go, these tattoo artists were able to produce some pretty good contenders.

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