Saturday, 9 January 2016

DIY Room Decor Ideas for Renters | Room Decorations

DIY Room Decor Ideas for Renters | Room Decorations:

I remember when we were renting, it was so hard to pick the right room decorations. You have to consider that you don’t own the place you’re staying in now and you would have to move eventually. It can be challenging and fun at the same time. With that in mind, I know that renters have the same dilemma. If you want quick, cheap and easy DIY room decor ideas, this list will help you out.

1. Decorate with String Lights

Give additional sparkle to your room without breaking the bank. You can make craft projects with them or just hang them around your room

2. DIY Succulent Pot

There’s no better room decor than a little touch of nature. Get the tutorial for this succulent pot.

3. Make a Romantic Bed Canopy

Create a romantic ambiance in minutes with some hooks and lacy fabric.

4. DIY Fabric Quote Banner

An easy wall art you can easily customize. What’s your favorite quote

5. DIY Gold Rimmed Vase

Turn a plane old vase into something with class and style

6. DIY Tape Picture Frame

Have your photos on your wall using some colorful washi tape. Because who has time for frames right?

7. Decorate with Pillows

Pillows are not only great for room decorations, you can also use them too.

8. Spring Lucite Trays

This easy DIY tray is so easy to make and would liven up your room in no time

9. DIY IKEA Hack Floating Shelf

10. DIY Dot Wall

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