Thursday, 7 January 2016

Spring Wardrobe Update Lies Ahead, But Which Warm Clothes Not To Pack Away

Spring Wardrobe Update Lies Ahead, But Which Warm Clothes Not To Pack Away:

Warm and sunny days are so close and you must be in a in a huge rush as to the spring wardrobe ahead. Yes, thankfully it is high time to chase away the fluffy sweaters and to invite miniskirts and shimmer dresses back in our fantastic fashionlista`s dressing routine. And even though you will probably pack most of your winter and fall clothes to empty some space for sandals, sunny dresses and sleeveless tops, there`s something we must tell you – don’t pack all of the warm clothes! You might need some of them even during spring, so find out which warm clothes not to pack away for the upcoming season!

1.Your Favourite Blazer:

Let the blazer remain in your wardrobe, because you will need it for the evenings and the nights out. Besides, all those shimmering tops and blouses will go perfectly well with it. In case you are in a search of a new job, the blazer and a decent formal shirt, on the other side, will go just fine with some smart skirt and simple black high-heel shoes. Last, but not least, in summer you can even wear your sexy shorts with the blazer by hemming the sleeves to show some skin!

2.The Skinny Jeans or Those Silver Cigarette Pants:

Both will remain cool and fashionable in summer and spring. Besides, tunics and tops are the perfect matches for the skinny jeans, while your cigarette pants can be mixed up with some cool asymmetric thin blouses from silk or organza. The upcoming days will be hot, but we all love those sweet moments of carelessness, when all we need is just to put a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt to go for a walk at the suburban, right?

3.The Funky Cardigan:

Whether you are working in an office, where the air-conditioner is always working, or you are just a mix-matching person, who likes layering the clothes, the cardigan is something you will need in spring and summer, too. Combine it with a sexy school-like skirt or wear with midi dress in a Vintage-style conception. Another idea for the spring-like dressing conception is to cut the long sleeves of patterned cotton shirt and wear it with the cardigan and a pair of colourful leggings.

4.The Boots:

Who doesn’t like the rock-style or cowboy-like fashion idea made of sports or feminine dress and a pair of masculine boots. The boots will remain a top fashion trend this spring, too, so you can pair with skirts and shorts in a most favourite for you way! So, girls, don’t say goodbye to your fall/winter boots yet, but find them a new application with your warmer clothing items. The result will be magical!

We wish you happy and beautiful spring to all of you! Be smiley and in fashion during this warm season, too!

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