Thursday, 27 October 2016



You know someone is passionate about their brand when they have the name tattoed on their arm! Rachel Perera speaks to Nathan Alexander, CEO of high end leather jacket brand Boda Skins to talk about all things leather and the importance of a strong brand.“.I design how I would like my girlfriend to look and what I find sexy.”So Nathan when did you launch the brand?“I launched the brand back in 2007. I wanted to offer a product that was more individual than what was available on the high street, a product that was quirky and edgy, but still high quality at a competitive price.”So you design high end leather jackets for ladies and men. Is it hard designing for the girls being a bloke?“No! It’s much easier designing for women; I design around what I would like my girlfriend to look like and what I would find sexually attractive.“I would want to see her in a well fitted jacket with slim sleeves and no baggy fabric, something that looks nice.”How long does it take to complete a jacket?“From design to the actual finished product around 3-4 months, but to be honest we are constantly tweaking and changing things. Our signature quilted biker jacket I designed 2 years ago, but I am still changing zips and pockets and small details. I call it constantly perfecting.”Leather jackets are obviously very seasonal which can’t be great for sales, how do you deal with this issue?“It is hard but we have learnt to combat this problem by selling to countries which are going through winter as we have summer. We sell a lot to Australia for example using this strategy and this ensures steady sales all year round.“We also bring out a summer range in lighter colours, which incorporates fabric panels within the jackets to let the skin breathe. Saying that, we do still sell jackets to the UK in the summer, as they are a staple garment and people just wear them with a t-shirt rather than a jumper.”How hard has it been launching the brand in the middle of an economic downturn?“Initially it was very hard as we started off with no marketing budget at all, but as we have grown it has become easier to raise brand awareness. It has not been easy to sell a high value, luxury item in the UK but luckily we have found it easier to sell to other countries whose economies aren’t so bad.”“.there’s people buying jackets from countries I have never even heard of!”What advertising method have you found most effective for raising awareness of the brand internationally?“Giving press samples to clothing bloggers all over the world has been incremental for us, as we make sure we select bloggers with large followings with cult status.

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