Sunday, 5 June 2016

Reese’s Marshmallow Brownie Bars

Reese’s Marshmallow Brownie Bars

Reese’s Marshmallow Brownie Bars are the perfect dessert for a crowd! This easy dessert recipe is impossible to resist – full of sweet chocolate and yummy peanut butter…all you’ll need is a glass of milk!

We finally got around to working on our garden this past weekend. Things have been so busy around here between swim team, school, vacations and traveling, it’s a small miracle that I actually got plants in the ground. But man does it feel good!
I’ve got to be honest with you guys today, I have been in a serious blogging rut the past few months. I think I really burned myself out during the holidays and the break that I normally take in January has somehow extended into April. Sure, I’ve been posting here and there but I just haven’t been as “into” it as I normally am. I’ve decided that I’m just going to jump back into my regular posting schedule and see if that doesn’t help things.
The funny thing is I have still been making and photographing recipes, it’s just when it comes to sharing them…I’m slacking. Big time.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. It starts out with a box of brownie mix to really cut back on time. If you prefer, feel free to substitute your favorite homemade brownies in place of the mix. No biggie. The brownies are topped with a layer of gooey marshmallow creme, Reese’s miniatures, and then the most amazing peanut butter-chocolate crispy rice topping.
It’s heaven.

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