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Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

When buying new makeup, it’s always worth carrying out some research online before you splash out. Don’t just research makeup to suit your skin tone, think about your eye colour too. Many people tend to forget that different shades of colour can enhance your green eyes. This will show off your eye colour in a different way. Makeup artists will tell you this and they will give you a colour guide to follow.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this article is all about green gorgeous eyes and showing them off! Of course, there are different shades of colours that favour green eyes more than others do, and you need to know what tones these are and try to stick to them. Gold, purple, lilac, lavender and plum are just one of them. To make things easier for you, we have come up with 31 pretty eye makeup looks for you to try. Enjoy!


Black and gold looks so pretty with green eyes. Mixing black and gold for shimmering eyes, looks phenomenal. To finish the look off, add the same gold eyeshadow to your water line and use a white cream to the corner of your eyes to stand out.

Try to avoid silver. If you want to add a metallic shade to your eyelids, keep to bronze or copper tones. Silver doesn’t always look as great on green eyes and it certainly doesn’t show how good and sexy they are. If you do intend to wear silver, go for a deeper, darker steel shade, which works better.

Products used: Too Faced Stardust Palette by Vegas Nay


Look at these four shades – emerald green, deep purple, dark red and white. Picture one shows the eye without any makeup on and as you go through the photos, you can see how dramatic and attractive these colours make green eyes look. Try this today to release your sexy vibe.

Products used: MAC eyeshadows in “Shroom”, “Embark”, “Brown Script”, and “Soft Brown” & ABH eyeshadow in “Emerald”.


Copper colour shades looks amazing. Copper tends to highlight green eyes and makes your eyes have a wide-awake appearance.

If you have green eyes, try switching your black eyeliner and mascara to brown. This will instantly give you a different look. Black tends to be overpowering and harsh. It will add a warmer shade to your eyes before you even apply your eyeshadow.


Peach can sometimes looks like copper so this colour will work well too. This is a slightly softer look and not as shimmery on the eyelid as the copper tone. This is perfect for a daily into evening makeup.

Products used: ABH eyeshadows in “Sienna”, “Orange Soda”, “Fuge”, “Metal”, and “Metallic”; Waterline: ABH “Metallic Luster Liner”.


We all know that black, smokey eyes look sexy on any colour eye. This will look amazing for a night out with your green eyes. Add a touch of silver or white to the corners of your eyes near the tear duct and for the extra glam, apply a pop of glitter to below your water line.


If you haven’t heard of the cut crease look, you simple need to know. It’s the new makeup craze that Kim Kardashian West loves and we can see why. If you have small eyes, it creates the illusion of bigger eyes making them stand out. The best tip for applying eyeshadow this way would be to use a spoon. Hold the spoon over your eye and use the spoon line to guide you. Apply a darker eyeshadow above your eyelid crease and use lighter and softer shades below, then blend. It’s that simple.


For a glamorous style, go for a light purple shade and apply to your eyelid. Apply a deeper purple above and a white to the corner of your eye. Blend the deep purple in above your crease line and add a bit of sparkle to the lilac shade.

Bear in mind that not everyone with green eyes will like purple or lilac. You might love your green eyes with black mascara and that fits perfectly with your charisma and style. It’s all about experimenting and practicing to find out what suits you and your character. Your friends may have green eyes too, but remember, there are different shades of green. We all like different things and we have created this as a guide to give you a few ideas on how to highlight your emerald eyes.


Just because you have green eyes, doesn’t mean you should stay away from the green eyeshadows. As you can see above, green works so well with green eyes, especially if you pair it with gold. Apply the green shade to your eyelid, then line your lid with a sparkly gold eyeliner, winging out the end. This will act as a border between your green eyes and green eyeshadow.


For a softer, girly look, combine matte pink with a cat eye. Usually winged liners or cat eyes can be very dramatic but with this matte pink, it’s give a pretty and feminine style. Add a gorgeous nude colour to the lips and you will look amazing.


Teaming gold and purple together is a match made in heaven for green eyes. This picture shows just how stunning your green eyes can look. Keep the purple on and below the waterline and the gold in the inner corner of the eye. Perfect!


It’s coming up to summer and we tend to experiment more with makeup during this season. The sun is out and you want your makeup to reflect the vibe. This is beautiful fun makeup at its best. If you start practicing this now, by the time summer comes, you’ll be an expert and all your friends will be asking you to do their makeup!

Products used: Sigma Beauty “Paris Palette” & Morphe Brushes “350 Palette”.


As mentioned, purple is a winner with green eyes. On the colour wheel chart, purple is the opposite to green and therefore it’s a good choice. If you are out shopping and forget about colours will suit green eyes, remember to stick to the warmer shades versus the cooler shades.

Add a touch of glitter to the striking purple shade to add some glam. Apply black eyeliner to create a thick winged cat eye and to widen your eye, use white eyeliner for inside your waterline.


The purple colour with the peach/copper eyeshadow looks incredibly stunning. Make sure you add the purple underneath your eyes too for the intense style. If you want to stand out even more, try to find a matching purple lipstick. We know it’s hard to believe when you’re used to nude, red, pink and clear lipsticks, but trust me, purple looks great. It’s been trending for a few seasons now and it looks exquisite.


This is an ideal for evening makeup. If you’re wearing a bright outfit or having a bright coloured lipstick, you need to go softer on your eyes. This is ideal for you. The dark green highlights green eyes even more so and you’ll look fabulous.


We all want to feel amazing when we go out, right? We want our makeup to stay put and know that it will look fabulous all night long. Go heavy with the lashes and on the outer edge of your eyelids. Add a winged tip and add a shimmering gold or pink eyeshadow to your eyelids. Apply a line of black eyeliner inside and below your waterline, and then smudge a little to create that dramatic look.

Products used: ABH eyeshadows in “Noir”, “Fawn”, “Dusty Rose”, “Sangria”, and ” Pink Champagne”.


If you’re feeling a bare neutral vibe, go heavy with the eyelashes and have a champagne shade on your eyelids. It’s almost bordering on silver. This is a classic and simple look, which will look amazing with any outfit.


Wearing heavy, black smokey makeup that set off your green eyes will only need a nude colour lipstick. Mauve shades look stunning and will complement your smokey eyes.

Eyeshadows: Anastasia Beverly Hills; Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dusty Rose”

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