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If you’re stuck for great makeup ideas that embody everything there is to embody about grunge, don’t stress, because it’s really quite easy once you get the hand of it. Many people want to adopt the grunge look, but don’t quite know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a bundle of sourced images that will hopefully inspire you to let the inner grunge cultivate and blossom.
Take note that grunge is about making things your own, drawing and incorporating, and molding things to your tastes or requirements. Don’t take this as a rule book on how to become grunge, but more as a reverence guide to understand what the look is about.

Makeup is a tool to both bring life to your fashion looks, and to build upon things that your fashion choices have already established. They can both add to a look, and create a look entirely out of its own merit, which is what makes makeup such a fun and exciting thing to talk about!

The basics of grunge makeup, from winged eye liner, to smokey eye shadows, and easy lipstick ideas

First and foremost, we need to get the basics covered. There are a few, I would say, fundamentals to grunge makeup that should be considered, although nothing is a must every single time — grunge doesn’t really have any commandments like that. But just for reference, here are some of the basic yet stylish and aesthetic looks that can be achieved with a simple grunge makeup finish.

This shows a simple yet effective eye liner that can really do far more to a look than you’d think. It makes eyes pop and stand out, and is a favorite in the grunge scene. It’s called the winged eye liner effect, and this one has been done in a jet black finish — making it all the more bold and fierce.

Another fine example of a well-executed winged eye liner, so simple yet so effective. It’s enhanced even more by having a defined brow, with different angles and styles producing different yet measurably great results.

This shows how you can combine the winged lashes with other features for a more complete and extravagant look. The lustrous lashes add fullness to the eye, and I simply cannot get enough of full and plump lashes — can anybody?

This urban inspired look showcases how you can bulk up your eyelashes just slightly, and combine it with a light eye shadow to have a totally chic and picturesque appearance.

This look features a full and thick lash game that when combined with the striking eye liner really does make the eye pop and stand out. The black shadow is not overdone, but adds a little extra touch to the look. This one would be perfect for summer months — simple, easy, but well and truly enough to get the job done.

Rich and deep eye shadows match platinum hair styles really well, and colorless to even potent color schemes can all work. This particular look sports a black smokey eye finish on the eye, which really brings them out to seem powerful and bold — accentuating the platinum’s statement. The lusciousness of the Batalash eyelashes is paired with the lusciousness of the curly high pony style, and I also love the bright inner corner spot on the eye: it really adds a different dynamic to the look.

This style is more of a mix between grunge and goth — dare I say, a match that needs to be made more often? Yes, I dare. The platinum blond stands out starkly against the gothic makeup, but the makeup isn’t too gothic to the point where it’s bordering the darkness, as the grunginess brings it to the equilibrium. The eyes are bold and defined, which just about sums up this great hybrid look.

Another intense eye combination with platinum hair, but this one is a little different in that it throws in some pastel lipstick which is really brought out against the black and white backdrop. The hair is also platinum faded, which brings a whole other layer to the look.

This platinum hair style is accompanied by a host of stylishly excellent features that you simply have to try (if you have the granny look, of course!). The lipstick is almost a dark wine color, and the eye shadow is of an ash orange sort of hue. I love this look, and once again, the platinum hair simply begs to add oomph to your makeup choices.

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