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Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Tattoos are simply to express love for something. They have emotions of thrill, passion, love and fun all imbibed in them. People today get inked multiple number of things. The name engraved of the person they love the most, their favorite quote or mantra, any catchy design, favorite cartoon characters, something to show their love or association with music, or anything in random.

Here, in this article we’ll talk about Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women both. These musical tattoo designs are preferred either by the musical performers, singers, or commoners to express their fondness and proximity to music. There are multiple genres of music ranging from classical, rock, hip hop, jazz, country, etc. You can choose the configuration as it suits you best.

Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

If you have a love for a musical performer then the outlines of his face can be a good option to get inked. These are a chosen design by plenty of people all over the world. Outlines of Enrique, Bryan Adams, Taylor Swift, or any local popular band are generally picked up by people to express the love for these performers. Even musical performers choose this and get the outlines of their gurus or trainers as a means to show love, respect and gratitude towards them.

People even get images of the bands inked on their body.
This is a way to make a bold style statement and a fun way to show your love towards music.
Generally the images are big and are tattooed on the arms, wrist or close to the heart.

Outlines of a Musical Instrument

Now, if you have a favorite musical instrument that you love playing personally or you wish to learn someday then this design will definitely serve you some good. Love playing guitar, piano, drums, and trumpets, Casio, keyboard, flute, tabla, sitar or any mouth organ? Anything that you like and want the world to know simply get it inked on your body. If you don’t know how to play the musical instrument yet, this will be a fun way to keep you reminding about your dream to learn that instrumen.

Many-a-times, singers and musical artists get the instrument they play inked on their body.
This again is a means to show their fondness and gratitude towards that instrument that has paved the way to their growing popularity, fame, success and growth.
The size of the instrument is your choice and accordingly based on the choice and size you can fixate the body part where you wish to get the particular instrument inked.

Musical Notes

These are generally the best musical design for men and women. They stand out and look highly attractive.

You can get the notes of music inked on your fingers, wrist, back, knuckles, arms or any part of your body depending upon the size you choose.
Women generally tend to choose this over other designs. You can choose table clef notes, musical bars or other notes that you like.

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