Saturday, 19 December 2015

What to Wear with Leggings this Winter

Fact: Your winter fashion arsenal is incomplete without a barrage of leggings. A sexy alternative for the same ‘ol denims, this wash-and-wear bottom can make you stylish and sultry this winter season.

Fear not if you only have one pair of leggings this winter, as you can diversify your look quite easily with this bottom! Just make sure to pair your leggings with any of these apparels.


Winter is all about layering. Create a look that befits the cold weather by pairing your leggings with several layers on top. A combination of a button-down top and a sweater, or a top, vest and coat will keep you stylishly nippy at work or at play.


If you dislike the ‘puffiness’ that comes with layering, then the best you can do is wear your leggings with a sweater. This winter-resistant apparel can keep you warm without compromising your fashion flair and charm.

Button-Down Top

Leggings can be work-appropriate, as long as you wear it with ‘formal’ apparel, such as a button-down top. This classic style lends an air of elegance to typically-casual leggings.

Over sized Top

For a beautiful balanced look, wear your curve-hugging leggings with an over sized top. The roomy topper can provide the volume that complements the tightness of the leggings.


A tunic or a long shirt is a perfect pair for leggings, because it can keep your nice booty concealed (not that you want to hide it though!) This combination is ideal for casual days out, when you just have had enough of your chunky knits and sweaters.

Mini Dress

Just because it is winter does not mean you have to keep your mini dresses in the far corner of your closet. You can still rock these sexy outfits with the help of your favorite leggings. This combination is especially useful if all of your tights are in the laundry hamper!

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