Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Free Home Decorating Ideas

Interior Lighting Design Ideas

Below you will find some inspiring photos of interior lighting design ideas. Regardless of your budget, these beautiful and unique styles will guide you in finding the right lighting that fits your decorating taste. Enjoy.

Mix and match 

Beautiful illuminations by These lights remind me of the disco bulb? You should be dancing.

Crafted organic turned wood pendant lamps by Carroll Street Woodworkers of Toronto.

Beautifully designed minimalist fine art wood sculpture on illuminated glass core shopSplitGrain.

A show-stopping way to display pretty blooms from your garden. Don't forget to water....not!

Jellyfish inspired lighting 'Medusae' collection lighting by Roxy Russell. It really looks like it is floating in the sea.

Trendy copper lighting to separate the kitchen from the living room. A bit of bright in a dark room

Check this out. You can buy an old chandelier that has the crystals on it and replace them with recycle DIY.

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